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Sarah Pitre
aka "shop baby"

Sarah is the shop baby, our youngest artist. She began her tattoo journey here with us at Eleven:11 where she did her apprenticeship under the watchful eye of TJ, but she has learned techniques from everyone here and we all feel responsible for continuing success. 

She loves to do fineline, traditional, and floral designs. She has taken over in Kira's style and is our "flower girl"

When she’s not working she is a busy Mama chasing around her 5 year old boy, who has unlimited energy! She is a boy mom through and through teaching him to skate.

She is aware that her boobs are gigantic. lololol

We also forget sometimes how young she is and doesn't know how to work a pager, know what VCRs are, or Alanis Morrissette?! wtf

She doesn't understand half of Ricks movie quotes but laughs anyways!

Sarah works Tuesday thru Friday and some Saturdays by appt.

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