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tattoo navarre florida

Zac Thomas
aka "Watercolor Wizard"

Zac, his wife, and their four beautiful kids hail from the St Louis area originally, another band of cold weather refugees looking for a sunnier climate. He brings with him an exquisite portfolio of realism and watercolor work that continues to amaze and inspire us all! He has been tattooing on and off for about 12 years in between a Military career. 

Zac walked in on the right day at the right time with the right portfolio, because TJ hates doing color ! Zac loves it and compliments the well roundedness of the shop. His watercolor is vibrant and unique. He also does cover-ups and realism so him and TJ bonded over that! TJs long wait list of realism clients were glad to have him as well, now they can get on the books sooner.

Zac has his hands full with 4 kids, the youngest being a newborn in February of 2024. We don't wanna know how much he spends on groceries but he will gladly accept tips to fund it lolol jk.

We have never seen the guy have a bad hairday and he ruins all our group chats with green android bubbles but we tolerate it because he is awesome!! We equally adore his family too. His girls come in to see their besties Jayme and Brittany to get showered with candy and sharpie tattoos.

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