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Brittany Calarco
aka "its Brittany Bitch"

Brittany has seven years tattooing experience, which she has spent perfecting her unique style and aesthetic. She is originally from Texas, but acquired her tattoo skills in Tennessee. She has moved around quite a bit as she is an Air Force wife, which has brought her to our beautiful, white sandy beaches!

Brittany is small but mighty, everyone is slightly afraid of her. She is actually the sweetest soul but don't fuck around and find out. If you hang at the shop long enough you can hear her bickering in a brotherly way with Rick all day and playing pranks on everyone (mostly Sarah). We love her fiery spirit and she always has the BEST makeup/hair, that is her hidden talent! She always talks people into palm tattoos, which if ur unaware is the most painful spot!!! 

We pray the military doesn't make her move away anytime, cause we just adore her! So do her many clients who are blown away by her talent.

She is in the shop Tuesday thru Saturdays, and specializes in color, traditional, neo traditional, cover ups,. and is down for any thing bizarre like a two headed duck or 3 headed dog! One of our favorites is the custom Bucee Tattoo she designed in 3 different styles for a group of friends!

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