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TJ Byard

aka; "Jam Session", "Fearless Leader", "Turbo Techno TJ the DJ"

TJ has been tattooing for nearly 7 years but has been an artist of many mediums for his entire life. He spent many, many weeks of his childhood being grounded, (shocking we know!!) So with nothing to do, he taught himself how to draw. He really perfected it during math classes when he should have been paying attention! 


Previously, he owned a motorcycle shop in IL where he airbrushed custom designs on his clients bikes. This prepared him for his tattoo career, giving him a steady hand and a well trained eye. Being alone in a airbrush booth was not fitting for his personality, he quickly grew bored. In 2017, He was given an opportunity to apprentice at Infinity Studios Tattoos under the great, Tomahawk! 

He is a perfectionist and is as passionate about the art he is creating as he is about crafting a memorable experience for his clients! Tomahawk quickly released him to being a full time artist. The rest is history. 

In 2018, after a terrible snowy winter in Illinois, the Byard family had finally pulled the trigger on moving to their dream place of Navarre Beach. They sold their IL house and businesses and never looked back! They really are beach people and neeeeed sunshine. 

He never intended to open a tattoo studio in Florida, but he was working til 10pm in Fort Walton and loathed that daily traffic and missing family dinners. After not finding the right fit anywhere, he knew he had to create what he was looking for! A place you would feel comfortable bringing your kids or grandma into and have a fun time. & He can still make it home for dinner and make it to basketball games!

TJ is also a dedicated Dad to two wonderful kiddos. He spends most of his evenings and weekends on a basketball court coaching and playing with his son. If he cancels on you because he threw out his back - - this would be why!!! lololol

He is also a car guy, drifting enthusiast, and avid shoe collector.. He is not great at responding to messages; which is why everyone usually just messages Jayme instead.!! He doesn't do much social media, unless you have a car for sale on marketplace!

TJ works Tuesday thru Saturday. He jokes around about 91% of the time, please don't take his dad jokes serious. If you bring him tacos and mountain dew, you will almost always get a better tattoo!! haha kidding. or are we ?!

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