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tattoo navarre florida

Jay Nerdrum
aka Tall Man Tattoos

Jay grew up in Illinois wreaking havoc with his best friend, TJ our owner.  They have been friends since middle school, and both had a passion for art.  Jay went onto college and has an engineering degree from SIU.  He worked for a decade for Caterpillar as an Engineer; but felt like he was unfulfilled working in the corporate world.  After seeing his buddy living his best beach life and drawing/coloring on people for a living, it wasn't long until he started his apprenticeship at Eleven:11.  He has now been tattooing for close to 4 years and is killing it.  We are so happy to have him join the crew and have his wife and kiddos nearby to grow up with the Byard babies!!!

Jay is a dad to two beautiful children. When he is not working you may see him at the baseball or lacrosse fields, sports is life right now. 

His favorite tattoo styles are traditional, realism, fine line work, and just about anything you want!

He is in the shop Tuesday thru Saturdays.

Unlike TJ, don't expect him to talk your ear off, he's a quiet dude. He prefers to listen to Tyler Childers, Theo Von podcasts or Kill Tony videos. He can be bribed with donuts and blue red bulls. 

and yes, he is very aware he is TALL!! 6 FOOT 7"

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