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tattoo artist navarre florida

Erika Stramm
aka "the apprentice"

Erika is the newest artist in our midst. She came to us as a friend/client originally, but it became apparent very quickly after one of Jayme's birthday party bus excursions, IYKYK... to her that tattooing was her calling. After convincing TJ to bring her in.. she began finishing up her time in the Air Force she came to Eleven:11 and began her apprenticeship with TJ last June. She will be completing her apprenticeship soon and is fast on her way to becoming a world class tattoo artist.


Erika is engaged to one of our shop regulars, Ray. He is also one of TJs buddies & Erika practices on him a lot. He maybe the most tattoo'd person in Navarre at this point. He is there so much people often mistake him for an employee. 

Erika so far has shown an amazing talent for lettering, fineline and black/grey realism. Her perfectionist attention to detail has gained her a few regulars already. She is in the shop Tuesday thru Saturday.

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